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Bunions on the feet


Valgus deformity or bunions on the feet haunts millions women all over the world. The problem is that this disease is very tricky: people just do not notice its first symptoms or do not pay proper attention to them. The consequences of such neglect can be very serious: inflammatory process are progressing, the foot anatomy changes significantly, pain becomes unbearable. In neglected cases this condition can even trouble person's everyday moving.


Is it time to contact a specialist?

Deformity progressing is always accompanied by unpleasant symptoms: the patient is troubled by redness, swelling of the foot, appearing of a small painful bump. These symptoms are the call for contacting a specialist. Don’t delay diagnostics - feet bunions won’t disappear without proper and timely treatment. As disease progresses and stress over the area of deformity increases, more and more symptoms appear. Persistent aching pain especially while moving, arcuation of fingers, constant callus and chafes are added to other mentioned complaints.

Reasons behind the valgus deformity

The main reason of bunions forming is wearing of uncomfortable shoes, which conflicts with the biomechanics of feet. High heels and narrow hard last are the enemies of healthy feet. Women face this condition much more often than men and it is all because of their love of designer shoes. Bunions can form after such diseases as bursitis and arthritis, injuries, excrescence on the surface of bone tissue and after continuous stress on the forefoot. Metatarsus latus and osteoporosis are often accompanied by valgus deformity. Sometimes this deformity is provoked by metabolic disorder and genetic predisposition.

Treatment of bunions on the feet

Contact the specialist with the first signs of disease. Only professional orthopedist will define the reason of deformity and prescribe a proper treatment.

Complex therapy on the first stages includes:

  • Timely treatment of callus and chafes.
  • Use of orthopedic footwear or corrective insoles.
  • Wearing of shoes with low heel and comfortable last.
  • Special exercises for joints development.
  • Physiotherapeutic procedures.

Neglected valgus deformity is treated through planned surgery. Many clinics use an extreme and painful method - they saw off the hypertrophic head of metatarsal bone.

Our clinic offers a safe and painless laser elimination of bunion. Rarely patient can be prescribed with the surgery - V-shaped exsection of bunions. Both procedures are considered as very smooth and almost totally exclude any further complications.

Preventive measures

A few simple rules will help to escape deformity and keep your feet beautiful and healthy.

Specialists advice to:

  • Do therapeutic exercises on a regular basis in order to keep joints flexible.
  • Wear comfortable footwear with wide toes.
  • Use insoles to balance stress put over the feet.
  • Stop wearing high heels when noticing the first symptoms of bunions forming.
  • Put on special splints during nighttimes to keep feet in the right position.

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