Время приема пациентов:
Пн.-Пт. с 8:00 до 16:00
Запиcаться на прием

The day before admission

  • Take a shower.
  • Make sure you have no maims or skin roughness in the surgical area of the extremity. If any, please, inform your surgeon.
  • Cut your nails 3-4 days prior to operation. Remove nail polish from toes and fingers.
  • Shave hair (where grows intensively) from toes.
  • Do not eat your dinner in the evening before the operation. Do not eat or drink in the morning on the day of operation; it is also recommended to avoid smoking during the entire hospitalization period.


  • Admission is available on the day before the operation or on the day of operation. You have to bring your passport and the policy of mandatory medical insurance (in case of hospitalization based on the appointment card issued by the health center) as well as personal hygiene items.
  • Arrive at the time of appointment at the admission room which is located on the 1st floor of the main building and appear at the station for pre-arranged admissions. You may wait long during admission before documenting your patient’s history due to the fact that our clinic is multi-field however it features one admission room only.
  • Take off all your clothes before the operation to meet sterility requirements.
  • Surgery is usually accompanied with subarachnoid (regional) anesthesia. Analgesic end point occurs between 6 and 8 hours.
  • In addition, subject to approval, an anesthesiologist may block or install a pump that will prolong the pain alleviating effect up to 24 hours.

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