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Achilles Tendon

The Achilles tendon is capable of bearing very heavy loads: it can bear 400 kg and more. It is the the strongest articulation in the human body. However, despite their strength and endurance, Achilles tendons are one of the most commonly injured tissues affected by ruptures and inflammation. 

Rupture diagnostics

The Achilles tendon which usually ruptures completely due to a heavy load (like a sprint start, high fall and other abrupt movements) sinks in the injured region.
It is impossible to stand on « tiptoes», and the Achilles tendon area hurts as if it has been heavily hit.

ome injuries of the back lower part of the shin cause swelling or hemorrhaging. 

How to treat a ruptured Achilles tendon? 

First of all, give the injured an anesthetic and immediately take him or her to an injury care centre. 
By examination the doctor detects the degree and type of the injury. It can be subdermal or open. 
  • An open injury is a consequence of a damage in the lower part of the shin caused by incision or stabbing. 
  • A closed injury is the consequence of a strong contraction (exceeding the tissue durability) of the triceps surae muscle. Such an injury appears due to a direct blow in the lower region of the shin with a blunt item. 

The choice of therapy depends on the type of the Achilles tendon injury.  

  • Treatment for an open tissue rupture with preservation of its integrity is conducted by stitching the ends of muscle connections. If the injury causes deformity of the tissue ends, it is plastically restored.
  • Ахиллово сухожилие,  травма которого имеет закрытую, то есть, подкожную форму, лечат двумя способами:
  1. The skin is incised and the tissue ends (when not deformed) are stitched together or restored plastically (when deformed);
  2. A buried suture is made through the skin (in case of recent injuries). 
The muscular capacity will be restored in 3 months after surgery. Physical exercises are allowed only in 6 months. 
The earlier the patient seeks medical aid, the more chances to restore the functionality of the triceps he or she has. The longer the patient neglects the injury, the more distant the ends of the muscular tissue get. In this case it is impossible to completely restore the mobility of the shin muscle. 

Diagnostics of inflammation    

Pain in the Achilles tendon can appear not just due to a rupture but also inflammation. This condition is called tendinitis. It takes place when calf muscles are overloaded and thus they can get shortened. The Achilles tendon suffers as well.  
The inflammation causes constant pain in the knee region. It goes away only at night when the feet are stretched and the shin is more relaxed. But as soon as the muscles get tense again, the pain is back. Sometimes it is impossible to walk at all.  

Treatment for inflammation

Tendinitis is treated with massage, ultrasound, and weak current impulses.

In order to cure inflammation completely, one needs a lot of time along with cutting down on physical activity and some common everyday movements.

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