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Pain in knees. Effective methods of treatment

People of all ages can have pain in knees. It can be insignificant and quick or sharp and intense. Effectiveness of treatment depends on the exactness in diagnosis, timely medical aid and peculiarities of the patient’s body.

Cause and Symptoms

The major symptoms of knee joint injuries are sharp pain, limitation of movement, swelling or visible deformity.

The following symptoms demand urgent consultation with a traumatologist:

  • inability to go up or down the stairs;
  • squat down and get up;
  • unsteady and sinking gait, limping.

  • Four groups of common causes of knee pain are usually distinguished:

    • Traumas and their consequences.
    • Arthritis and systemic diseases (gout, erythema centrifugum, infectious diseases).
    • Diseases of the spine and other organs characterized by pain irridation.
    • Diseases of the knee joint, structure defects and disorders (arthrosis, bursitis, knee cap sprains and others).

    Swelling of the knee joint, painful sensations and stiff movement can be symptoms of arthritis or arthrosis, injuries in the juxta-articular bursa, cartilage, meniscus and tendon problems. They can also appear as a result of heavy loads (long walks, running, cycling, weight carrying).

    Major Treatment Methods 

    Efficiency of treating various knee pains depends on the exactness of the diagnosis and timely appeal of the patient. Neglected knee joint injuries can become permanent, lead to their immobility and as a result to disability.

    Effective modern diagnostic methods including roentgenoscopy, MRT and arthroscopy allow exact diagnosing. 

    Major treatment methods of such diseases are:

    • Conservative treatment;
    • Surgical treatment;
    • Remedial gymnastics;
    • Physiotherapy;
    •  Folk medicine.
    • The necessity of a surgery eliminating pain and restoring of the knee joint mobility is decided on after a course of conservative treatment, physiotherapy and remedial gymnastics. As a rule such surgeries are conducted by means of modern bland therapy and that’s why they are quite effective at certain stages. If the condition has been neglected for a long time, the only treatment method might be a joint replacement.

      Folk medicine can be used as an addition to the main therapy course but only after a consultation with the doctor.

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