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Treatment of Arthrosis

Артроз стопы

Arthrosis of the foot is a condition which causes degeneration and damage of the interior articular cartilage. Such a process is caused by a metabolic disorder in tissues and also insufficient microcirculation of blood inside them. Treatment of arthrosis begins with detection of the causes of inflammation and their further elimination. One of the most significant factors is overload on joints. Besides there are a lot of cases of arthrosis among obese people. The condition can be caused by joint injuries acquired in everyday life or while doing professional sports. People who often get frozen in cold weather can also have symptoms of the condition.

Methods of treatment

Методы лечения артроза Arthrosis is treated with an anti-inflammatory and anesthetic therapy which is aimed at normalizing the blood circulation and metabolic processes. Physiotherapy and massage are also used. At exacerbation periods specialists recommend taking non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. If the condition is accompanied by an intense pain, anesthetics are prescribed. Arthrosis is also treated with chondromodulating therapy which implies the use of chondroprotectors. Use of vascular drugs is essential.
At late stages of the condition surgical treatment is most effective. It includes arthrodesis, arthroplasty and endoprosthesis replacement which contribute to recovery.

Prevention Measures for Flat Feet

 Профилактика артрозаPrevention measures imply elimination of the factors which cause arthrosis. First of all it is necessary to control the weight by means of dosed physical activity and a healthy diet. While doing sports it is necessary to prevent possible injuries using protection and avoiding abrupt movements. It is recommended to cut down on the load on joints while going up and down the stairs and on the knees while squatting down (it is better to sit on the chair). Following all recommendations you can prevent developing the condition even if you are apt to it. And timely treatment will prevent you from unpleasant consequences of foot joint inflammation.

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