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Subtalar Arthroeresis

Surgery on subtalat arthroeresis (sometimes spelt Arthroereisis or Arthroisis in foreign publications) is aimed at limitation of excessive movements in the subtalat sinus by means of inserting an implant into the subtalar sinus (the cavity between the talar bone and calcaneus) which allows eliminating excessive interaxial dislocation between the talar bone and calcaneus).

Hyper Flexibility of Foot

Flexible flatfoot is a widespread condition. In literature it is referred to as excessive pronation of the foot: under the body weight the talus is dislocated medially and anteriad. This condition can be both inborn and acquired as a result of dysfunction of the cartilage of the tibial posterior muscle which in its turn can be deformed due to an injury, constant excessive stretching or inflammatory diseases.

Symptoms are dull, nagging, throbbing and spasmodic pain which can regarded as growing pains in children. Additional symptoms are unwillingness to go to PE classes or walk to long distances. Conservative treatment includes use of orthopedic footwear, individual insoles and exercises aimed at strengthening foot muscles.

Subtalat arthroeresis as an efficient method has been known for over 50 years. Installed fixators of various construction types were used as implants. Installation of an implant can be performed independently though in some cases additional surgeries for removing adjacent deformities both on bones and soft tissues might be necessary.

Титановый имплант Подтаранного артроэреза  

          Titanium implant                             Biodegradable implant 

Advantages of the method:

  • Relief of pain and fatigue in feet and legs
  • Small risk of developing infectious complications
  • No immobilization (walking with crutches) is necessary
  • No need to drill holes in bones to put the installation
  • No bone cement for fixation
  • When needed the implant can be removed
Подтаранный артроэрез
До операции После операции
Before surgery                                           After surgery

How obvious symptoms can help detect implications for surgery?

If over the years conservative treatment doesn’t help and the condition gets even worse, consult with your orthopedist. The doctor will recommend a surgery for correcting flatfoot which will help relieve the pain. Correction surgery will let you live a more active and better life and avoid a more complicated surgery in the future.

Is it necessary to remove the implant?

Implants must not necessarily be removed. However some patients can have pains and thus the implant must be removed.

How much time will be needed for postoperative rehabilitation?

If an implant is installed independently, the restoration period depends on the intensity of the pathology (from two to four weeks). If beside installation of an implant some other surgeries are performed (e.g. removal of the Achilles tendon), the rehabilitation period can be longer.

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