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How to walk with crutches


  • Put the crutches forward (simultaneously or one by one)
  • Bend the operated leg in knee, lift it and put forward and put the entire foot (from heel to toe) on the floor (with or without a load).
  • Leaning on the crutches put your healthy leg further than the operated one. Repeat in the same order.

Going down the stairs: 

  • put the crutches on the step down
  • step with your operated leg down
  • step with your healthy leg down

Going up the stairs: 

  • step with your healthy leg up
  • put the crutches on the same step
  • repeat in the same order

Walking with a cane.

The walking stick must be on the opposite side of the operated leg. It must be selected in accord with the patient’s height. Check it: while standing take the cane and if it suits, the elbow must be slightly bent and the shoulder girdle must not rise when you lean on the walking stick.

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