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Lifestyle! Prevention Measures and Treatment of Flat Feet and Bunions

Lifestyle! » observed the causes of pain in feet, prevention measures and treatmentfor flat feet and bunions.

According to the recent medical statistics, 67% of women and 50% of men in Moscow have chronic vein diseases of lower extremities. 12% complain about problems with joints and every sixth has felt pain in legs or feet at least once in life!

The usual cause is flat feet. But how to detect them? Flat feet are accompanied by pain in feet, lower legs, hips and even loins, feet get compressed, the arch disappears and the heel deviates aside. By the way, inborn flat-footedness was found only in 3% of cases which means that people have only themselves to blame for this problem. It is necessary to wear proper footwear and mind your weight.

Famous orthopaedic traumatologist Levon Makinyan scanned host Evgeny Ryubov’s feet and found out that the main load was on the mid part of his feet which can cause further foot deformity. The doctor suggested solving the problem by wearing insoles specially made for Evgeny’s feet.

Even if the foot has an arch it doesn’t mean that it is not flat since there are different stages of the disease and the first stage is not really obvious. Both hollow and flat feet cause painful callosities, bone deformities which sometimes require surgical treatment.

Levon Makinyan noted that if overlooked foot splaying leads to further deformity. This results in inward deviation of the first metatarsal bone, outward deviation of the toe and formation of a bump on the great toe. The adjacent toes rise upwards. Such deformities can be treated only surgically. The doctor showed how surgical correction for longitudinal and lateral deformities in the foot and removal of bunions are performed. The effect will be long-lasting if all recommendations of the orthopaedist are followed.

Levon Makinyan showed how feet with fallen arches can be treated by means of implants. He also explained how X and O shaped legs are straightened by means of osteotomy: a bone wedge for correcting the angle of deformation is cut out and fixed by the external fixation apparatus.In 2-3 months the patient gets perfect legs!

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