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TV Program “Health” on Harm of High-Heeled Shoes

Guests to “Health” with Elena Vasilyevna Malysheva were famous orthopedists: Candidate of Medicine Levon Gagikovich Makinyan and Professor Evgeny Shavlovich Lomtatidze. The program was about the harm of flat-sole footwear and high-heeled shoes.

According to the doctors, women’s footwear must have a three or four-centimeter heel. Flat-sole shoes can cause lowering of the foot arch. They should be worn no longer than 1 or 2 hours a day. High-heeled shoes are a common cause of flat feet and foot lumps. They should also be worn no longer than 2 hours a day.

To prevent deformity of the foot it is necessary to use individual insoles with supinator as a preventive measure for flat feet and foot lumps.

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