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Live Well! Flat Feet and Army

TV program "“Live Well!” ” related about flat feet and why certain types of flat feet and the army are incompatible.

What are the causes of first degree flat feet?

The regular foot has an arch and this arch is a cushioning mechanism during walking. When the foot is flat, the arch disappears that’s why the foot no longer performs its cushioning function. There are a great number of nerve endings. It means that it has a receptive function – it sends various signals to the brain which reacts with muscular tension in order to support the stable position of the body. But unfortunately feet can change. First degree flat-footedness forms when muscles fail to support the foot in the right position however this condition is not a contraindication against the military service. But if the condition is not treated properly, it is impossible to avoid second degree flat-footedness. After a while there appear pains, motion disorder and many other unpleasant symptoms.

Why is flat-footedness a contraindication against the military service?

The reason is that army boots have flat soles. If a recruit has this condition, his foot can get more deformed, the pain will get more intense and as a result he won’t be able to walk at all. This can affect ankle and coxofemoral joints, modifications in coxal bones and gradually it will lead to problems in the lumbar spine. That’s why we recommend using individual orthopedic insoles.

How is treatment performed?

A special scanner detects overload zones in the foot. If there are any modifications, you need to see an orthopedist. Treatment is possible at every stage whether it is a second degree longitudinal deviation or any other deviation which is regarded as a contraindication against the military service. Usually conservative treatment including use of orthopedic insoles is prescribed. Insoles are selected in accord with the foot size. They are heated and then the plastic forms in the shape of the patient’s foot. The insoles are modeled by means of a tourniquet. Such treatment helps distribute the load on the foot correctly. In the beginning the insoles might cause pain – the thing is the foot bones start rearranging. However after a while the pain will go away. Do special exercises for your feet, they will contribute to the healing process. Rise up on your toes and back on all foot, make rolls with the outer edge of the foot to the internal. Also it is usefull to pull over toes with maximum effort.
Information from the site "Live Well".

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