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Reviews our patients

To the doctor’s health!!! And we’ll be healthy;;))

Hello, Levon Gagikovich! Thanks a lot for the surgery and my feet))))))))))))) I couldn’t even dream of them, but everything turned so well thanks to you, your talent and human qualities!!! I’ll recommend you to everybody – let others be happy to be operated by you!!!!! Thanks a lot!!! Good luck to you!!! I wish health to you and your family!!!!! Chernikova Masha

10/08/2012 Chernikova Masha, 44

Thanks a lot! )))

Dear Levon Gagicovich! I’d like to thank you for the surgery 10.11.2010 – surgical removal of exostosis on the first toe of the right foot. To be honest I was very scared in the beginning. My toe didn’t look quite good after the surgery but after the stitches had been removed and the swelling had decreased, it got an even beautiful shape. Thanks to your miraculous hands which work wonders every day, everything is healing well and fast. There are almost no traces of the surgery and an unaware person won’t even understand what used to be there before ) Thanks a lot to you and your colleagues who assisted at the surgery, supported me and relieved tension. Now I enjoy looking at my even beautiful feet, recalling you with warmth and gratitude! With regards, Kozina Elena.

12/19/2011 Kozina Elena, 23

Thank you, good doctor!

Dear Levon Gagikovich! Thank you for being my doctor. Thank you for your professionalism, attention and “hands of gold”. I wish you and your nearest and dearest happiness, health and prosperity. Rather trivial but frank!!! (Hallus Valgus surgery on 11.2010). I hope for a quick rehabilitation. Ladies! There is a man whom we can trust our feet:) and you are going to like gorgeous Barouk shoes for you beautiful feet!) With regards, Korolkova Elena.

12/15/2011 Korolkova Elena, 34


The surgery on June 10, 2011. Levon Gagikovich, thank you very much for my toes. This is the first summer when I can wear open-toe sandals. I’d like to share my former problem with the readers. Of one my second toes was much longer than the first toe and it was a terrible hang-up for me. Makinyan Levon Gagikovich responded to my letter. And there was a miracle: a surgery appointed, all tests ready, two hours on plane and I was in Moscow! The surgery was surprisingly quick and painless. On that same day I could walk myself!!! In a few days I flew home. Everything healed really well! I didn’t need any medical help, in 3 weeks I removed the stitches and in a month – the needle. All that time I went to work. 3 months have passed already and I’m wearing open-toe sandals, the stitches are hardly seen, my toes are beautiful. Levon Gagikovich, thank you one more time for a warm receipt, immediacy and attention! I wish you health and career success! Thanks to the surgical nurse, she was really supportive! THANK YOUUUUUUU!!!!!

09/05/2011 Victoria (Moldavia, Tiraspol), 29

Gigantic THANKS!

Hi, everybody! ;) My surgery was on 16.08.2011. All my conscious life I dreamt of my ugly foot lumps being removed. There’s no need to say that it was a great hang-up for me. Everything changed at the moment when I learnt about the Doctor with a kind heart, miraculous hands, an attentive Person, professional, the best for me, Doctor Makinyan Levon Gagikovich! Just a little time has passed after the surgery but I can’t help feasting my eyes on my feet )) I thank you a thousand times, dear Doctor Levon Gagikovich, I admire you and I send thanks to you every day!!! You make us, girls, more beautiful!!! I wish that every day of your life were filled with impressions and joy, were interesting and surprising warmed by your nearest and dearest! I’d like to thank the entire orthopedic department of City Clinical Hospital №31 for their attention, patience, their smiles;) P.S. Dreams come true … ;)

08/31/2011 Andzhela Pyatachkova, 28

Thanks a lot

Dear Levon Gagikovich! Three months have passed after the surgery! Everything’s healed just great. I’ll start running soon. I’m very pleased with the result. THANKS one more time.

02/16/2011 Anastasia, 34


Thanks for detailed information about hospitalization and especially postoperative period. You are very attentive to your patients.

02/07/2011 Natasha Mandzhieva, Elista, 32


Finally I found time to write a testimonial about how wonderful doctors can be!!!! But I’m afraid it won’t be brief. Because it’s impossible to put a million thanks to the doctor with hands of gold!!! It’s hard to find a person who start trusting at once, but Makinyan Levon Gagikovich is just such a kind of person. Thank you, dear doctor, for professionalism, attention and miraculous hands which give women beautiful feet!!! You are a specialist who truly loves what he does! I can ascertain that I was very lucky to get to you and I’m grateful to you because of your individual; approach to every patient. If only you knew how your patients refer about and how your sense of humor cheers up even those who were upset just a minute ago. I’m not tired of telling people around me that there are BLESSED DOCTORS!! AND YOU ARE ONE OF THEM! I wish you good health, luck, success, prosperous career and grateful patients! Alyona A., ward 419, surgery on 14.12.2010 P.S. This testimonial is not enough for expressing my gratitude to this wonderful doctor! It’s hard to find a person who start trusting at once, but Makinyan Levon Gagikovich is just such a kind of person. Thank you, dear doctor, for professionalism, attention and miraculous hands which give women beautiful feet!!! I’m not tired of telling people around me that there are BLESSED DOCTORS!! AND YOU ARE ONE OF THEM!

01/27/2011 Abramova Elena, 34

Спасибо, доктор!

Уважаемый Левон Гагикович! Хочу выразить Вам глубокую благодарность и признательность за проведенную операцию по исправлению НV деформации на левой стопе. Огромное спасибо Вам, а также лечащему врачу Алиеву Расулу Николаевичу за доброту, внимание, отзывчивость,те рпение, за высокий профессионализм в вашей работе. Сознаюсь, что я пришла в отделение не только с болью в ногах, но и с тревогой в душе. Спасибо, что так терпеливо и обстоятельно Вы отвечали на мои вопросы, объясняли и разъясняли проведение операции еще на консультационно м приеме. Очень успокоила меня подготовительна я беседа перед операцией лечащего врача Расула Николаевича. В результате операция прошла успешно, послеоперационн ый период оказался спокойный, а нога получилась с красивыми ровными пальчиками. Левон Гагикович, Вы по истине врач от Бога! Лично Вам отдельное огромное спасибо за Вашу высокую квалификацию, за золотые, умелые руки, за доброе сердце от меня и всей моей семьи! Вы подарили мне большую радость в жизни - красоту и здоровье моей ноги, избавили от боли и многих больших неудобств. Искренне желаю Вам здоровья, счастья, семейного благополучия, успехов в Вашем нелегком и благородном деле. Также я благодарю весь коллектив отделения за четкую и профессионально слаженную работу, за внимание, заботу, уют и комфорт. Я очень рада, что ортопедической отделение 31 ГКБ оказалось клиникой высокого уровня, и мне посчастливилось пройти в ней лечение. С уважением и благодарностью, Максимова Ольга Николаевна, пациентка 419 палаты, находилась в клинике с 2 по 15 ноября 2010 г

11/28/2010 Максимова Ольга, 52