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Reviews our patients

thank you

Thank you. You’ve made perfect insoles for my model shoes. I don’t just walk but fly.

07/02/2012 Svetlana Kuznetsova, 29

Thank you

I’ve found very useful articles about foot lumps on your website. I’ve started wearing proper shoes and orthotics. It’s much better now!

07/02/2012 Boriskina Daria, 37


Thank you very much for humane attitude and individual approach to every person. My sister-in-law had her feet operated here and now she not only feels no pain, but also no fatigue. We’ve come to your clinics several times. There are not only highly-qualified and responsive doctors but the entire personnel consists of very kind and decent people who helped my sister-in-law recover soon after the surgery. Once again thank you very much for your work.

07/02/2012 Tokareva Olga Vyacheslavovna, 26


I cannot express in words my gratitude to blessed surgeon Levon Gagikovich Makinyan for the surgery dated February 22, 2012. I had valgus deformities in both my feet. I walked with pain, had trouble choosing shoes and I was totally upset. After the surgery my feet were like new ones, I can’t help enjoying. My tread is light, no pain. I feast my eyes on feet. Such surgeons are to be thanked, appreciated and recommended. Thanks a lot to this specialist, surgeon with hands of gold.

06/22/2012 Makhorskkaya V.V., 70

Admiration and gratitude!

Dear Levon Gagikovich! I will never be able to express my gratitude as the miracle you did is beyond compare! Just when I gave up hoping about getting rid of foot bones, you gave me new beautiful feet. You saved me from endless nagging pains at night and cured my injured feet. Every morning I get up to feast my eyes upon my beautiful toes and mentally thank the miraculous doctor for his hands of gold and kind heart. The surgery went quickly and the rehabilitation period was just like the doctor had said. And 6 months later I completely forgot that complex surgery. I’d like give advice to patients who are just going to get their feet operated: follow all Levon Gagikovich’s recommendations! If he told you stay in bed after surgery, stay in bed. You are allowed to walk only one hour a day – don’t walk longer! Being a restless person, I disobeyed and a result – a repetitive surgery and extra 7 weeks (!!!) in bed. Thus, my dear girls, if you appreciate your health and time, listen to the doctor – he won’t give you bad advice! Thanks to Levon Gagikovich’s patience and hands of gold, the repetitive surgery went well. And it couldn’t have been another way as Levon Gagikovich treats every patients with special care and he strives only for perfect results! Dear doctor, thank you very much for your attitude to your work! You make us beautiful and happy. You can’t imagine my delight when I come to a footwear department. I could choose only one pair of shoes out of 50 before. And now I can afford any shoes I like, with exception of stilettos though. I stopped being shy about my feet and this hang-up remained in the operating room of the hospital. I wish you health, dear Levon Gagikovich, success and your dreams coming true! I will have it all because we, your grateful patients, wish you all the best! You are the best doctor I’ve ever seen!!! With regards, Ekaterina Surgery 02/07/2011

05/31/2012 Ionina Ekaterina, 37

Testimonial about surgery

I’d like to express my gratitude to doctor of City Hospital №31, Candidate of Medicine Makinyan Levon Gagikovich for the surgery (total endoprosthetic replacement of the right coxofemoral joint). Currently after 6 months I’m walking without a cane, no pain or limping. Despite my age, Levon Gagikovich gave me an opportunity to live a full life and I’m very grateful.

05/20/2012 Ginburg Ninel Solomonovna, 84


Levon Gagikovich, I love you! You make a lot of people happy and beautiful! I was really lucky to be operated by you. And I congratulate everybody on being so lucky to be operated by you. I thank you, Levon Gagikovich, a thousand times and wish you good health, love and prosperity! Thank you very much!!!

04/22/2012 Krylova Yulia Vladimirovna, 28


Dear Levon Gagikovich! I’d like to wish you Holy Easter! Let this Holiday give us joy and peace. HOLY EASTER! Wish you miracle! Thanks for the greetings! Holy Easter!

04/08/2012 Oganesyan Nelly Raphaelovna, 53

Morton’s Neuroma

Levon Gagikovich, thanks a lot! You have hands of gold! I had suffered for five years, every step was painful if put mildly… “Orthopedists” tried to treat my non-existent diseases which brought no results. But you easily and masterly just in 30 minutes got rid of the pain which accompanied my every step… Now I can wear any shoes I like… I don’t buy footwear two times bigger than my feet anymore!!! I recommend you to everybody!

04/08/2012 Babich Olga, 36


Dear Levon Gagikovich! 5 months passed after the surgery. The rehabilitation period is over. I’m feeling great. I’m wearing normal footwear and doing sports. Thank you very much for your work and attention! I wish you luck and good health! I’d also like to thank Grigoriev V.V. and medical personnel of the orthopedic department of Clinical Hospital №31 for their attention and professionalism!

03/15/2012 Berezhnova Marina Mikhailovna, 48

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