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High-Tech Medical Care Programme

If you are a Moscow resident, you can undergo a surgery in CCH №31 through the HTMC Programme.

Endoprosthetic replacement of joints and other reconstructive orthopedic surgeries are included in high-tech medical care.

High-tech medical care is medical care provided by highly-qualified specialists with the use of complex and unique medical technologies based on modern achievements of science and technology.

These kinds of medical care are provided in the order prescribed by the Precept of the Ministry of Health Care and Social Development.

  1. After a consultation with an orthopedist, if endoprosthetic replacement is indicated, you will get into the registry of surgical patients in accord with the High-Tech Medical Care Program.
  2. When your turn comes, a worker of City Clinical Hospital №31 will contact you and inform you of the date of preliminary surgical planning and determination of the appropriate type of endoprosthesis.
  3. Before surgery it is necessary to undergo examination in accord with your program.
  4. Before hospitalization you must come to a commission (repetitive examination by an orthopedist and anesthesiologist) where the date of hospitalization will be determined.

Since the number of patients waiting for their surgery provided by the HTMC Programme is constantly growing and the number of quotas is limited, the waiting period can be 2-3 years. Dependent on the programme budget, most surgeries are performed at the end of the year, so one should note that surgery might be postponed several times due to temporary lack of wards.

You can find normative documents on the website of the National Priority Project «Zdorovye» (‘health’ in Russian).

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