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Interview «Woman Journal» with Levon Makinyan about the correct choice of fashionable shoes for fall 2012


At the end of August Levon Makinyan, a famous traumatologist and orthopedist, Candidate of Medicine, Associate Professor of Trauma and Orthopedics Dpt. at Peoples' Friendship University of Russia, Member of American Association of Orthopedic Surgeons (AAOS) and AOTRAUMA, gave an interview to popular online magazine for women «Woman Journal», commenting on the right selection of fashionable footwear for fall 2012.


Mr. Makinyan would not recommend wearing sandals on the platform for a long time, because they prevent the foot from performing the «spring» function, necessary for proper load distribution.


As for fashionable soft moccasins, people with flat feet should wear them with individual orthotics. Simple ballet pumps with a low heel and thick sole are very practical and elegant and comfy for a long walk.


Speaking about popular suede knee high boots he doesn’t recommend wearing them for a long time as the whole sole with a soft counter can cause “sinking” of the foot and this in its turn leads to pain and high fatigueness of feet.


Speaking about high-heeled shoes, Levon Makinyan recommends wearing such shoes for not longer than 3-4 hours a day. If you want to wear them longer, it is better to buy special individual orthotics.


And you can wear closed shoes and boots on the heels of average height (2-4 cm) without any restrictions, if they have just a slightly pointed toecap, solid sole and hard counter.


The best for everyday wear in the office or at leisure are half-boots or shoes with a low stiletto. Due to the "right" heel, such footwear allows you to evenly distribute the load on your feet on walking.


Thanks to the advice of famous Dr. Levon Makinyan and Woman Journal every fashionist can choose practical, comfortable shoes for fall 2012!

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