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Why heels hurt

Почему болят пяткиThere are a lot of reasons why heels hurt. Besides doctors affirm that every tenth has such a problem. The pain is most commonly caused by compression of the surrounding tissues, biochemical disorders and joint diseases.

Let’s take a close look at each factor:

1. A heel spur.

In 90% of cases it is a consequence of flat feet. In the inflamed region calcium salt is accumulated which results in formation of a bone lump which suppresses the tissues. The pain is most intense when the diseased gets up from bed. The pain usually goes away in the afternoon and after a small break it comes back.

2. Inflammatory diseases.

The Achilles heel often aches because of infections including venereal infections. In this case the pain appears not only while walking but also resting or sleeping. Note that a pain can appear in joints, around genital organs and eyes.

3. Tendon injuries.

For example, bursting or sprain. Such a problem can appear as a result of wearing high-heeled shoes, systematic overloads on the tendon and flat feet. In this case a burning pain under the heel is sensed. It is the strongest during physical activity.

4. Sole fascia.

There appears an induration, quite often on connective tissues stretching to the metatarsal bones. Болят пятки

5. Plantar fasciitis.

If the foot is loaded for a long time, it can start aching. A pain can be a result of long standing or wearing of low heel shoes. To get rid of the pain it is enough to rest enough and wear comfortable footwear with a small heel.

How to treat?

These are the most common causes. But note that if you have a regular sharp or dragging pain in heels don’t try to treat it yourself. You should go the a qualified specialist (rheumatologist or traumatologist) who can detect the cause and prescribe a corresponding therapy. Remember that self-treatment makes things worse in 72% of cases. The earlier you go to the doctor, the sooner you get rid of the problem!

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