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Useful Information about Feet

A human walks about 200 to 250 thousand kilometers in his life (from 8,000 to 10,000 steps a day). It means that we could cross the Earth on average 6-8 times. Our feet are our support which cushions and smoothes our gait. That’s why it is very important to take care of our feet and provide their comfort.

A foot with a flat arch or flat-footedness is quite widespread and requires an additional support for the right weight distribution.

A foot with a normal arch is not predisposed to a lot of diseases such as metatarsalgia (pain under the heads of metatarsal bones) or lumps (bones). But thousands of people with such feet may suffer from a number of other diseases.

A foot with a hollow arch is characterized by a high arch which contributes to the right distribution of the load and arthrotic modifications in foot joints. Patients with such feet have difficulty buying comfortable footwear. 

Foot Structure

It consists of 33 complex joints and 4 arches.
- The basic arch (internal longitudinal) is the longest arch and it stretches along the interior surface of the foot (1).
- Two secondary arches stretch along the exterior part of the foot forming an arch (2);
- The lateral arch stretches along the forefoot (3); and one more arch stretches along the borders of the midfoot and hindfoot (4).

How do your feet change?

Starting from our birth our feet are constantly changing and growing throughout life. That’s why it is necessary to know your foot size in order to choose the right footwear. Moreover our nails get thicker and bigger thus bringing more trouble. The foot size and shape change throughout years. It is necessary to measure the foot size once a year in order to choose the right footwear.

Load on Foot

When we are standing still, 50% of our weight is on the heels: 25% on the forefoot and the other 25% on the midfoot. While walking your weight is on the heels (1), then the exterior part of the foot (2) and then it crosses the lateral arch (3) towards the first metatarsophalangeal joint (4) to the tiptoes.

Healthy Feet

Most importantly you should wear comfortable footwear. Three elements of healthy feet: cleanliness, neat short nails and exercises.

Your Footwear

Nature designed human feet for barefoot walking. But since most of the roads we use are asphalt and one hardly can walk barefoot on them, we need good and comfortable footwear. Before buying shoes or boots, make sure that they are comfortable. The foot must feel comfortable in the widest part of your boots or shoes. The heel must be comfortably set and not slip out. The toes must not be pressed against the upper part of the footwear. Try them on. Stand up and walk a bit. If your feet are a bit different in size, choose the bigger ones.

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